Malasada Food Tour


If you are a foody, you may think of splend your holiday on a tour of food. In our culture the flavors and cuisines is usually referred to as a cultural “melting pot,”. But I prefer to call it a cooking pot. The time can dates back to the middle of 1800’s when the contract workers came here to make the sugar and then the pineapple fields from Japan, Puerto Rico, China, Korea, Portugal and the Philippines.
The people live in towns called “camps” where they share more than communal gardens and spaces. They share their food. A lot of people will exchange Shimizu the udon noodle or tsukemono pickles with their malasadas loafs of her breads. The Kim Cho get kalamungi and noodle from Conception with their Bi Bim Bap and traded taegu. To earn the money, they trade their vegetables to other countries. And the people in  Hawaiia will put what they got from the trade on the dinner table. When the textures, Flavors and ingredients are mixed together, the cuisine is born.
The tradition of Plantations have long gone but it generates an aboundant island kitchens. The place that I want to introduce today is called Azorean/Portuguese malasada which is loved by the people on the island as well as the people from all over the world.
In ancient times, Malasadas are eaten and prepared on Shrove Tuesday, which is a day before Catholic Ash Wednesday. People there will do their last hurrah to make malasadas.
At the behinning, the Portuguese family made these things at their own home. But nowadays you can have it anytime you want. The first one to offer these commercially is Leonard’s bakery which is in Kapahulu, Oahu. And today there are more choice that you can make there. In all of these places you can have a taste of chocolate, haupia cream, passion fruit, sugar-coated delights and the round puffy.
This delicacy is already on the list of desert of five-star Marvos for more than 14 years. And at Wailea, Maui you can order it as a brunch.
Everybody likes the hot and fresh malasada. The fryer, Agnes Bakery at Kailua Oahu can send the cook for your party at your house. In this way, you can have your own   “Malasada Man.”
You can find every thing that you want on this island, and I bet this place will never let the foodies down.

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