Making friends in Pal-Arinsal and Ordino Arcalis Ski Resorts


If you want to enjoy a skiing vacation at an excellent skiing resort, come to Pal-Arinsal and Ordino Arcalis Ski Resorts, a paradise for skiing lovers.
Arinsal Pal is a great resort for all skiers, regardless of their level of skiing. Beginners will not be scared and skilled skiers will not get bored,either. When it’s sunny, you can see the reflection of sunshine, as well as the breathtaking views of the Alps: extremely towering mountains, black rocks covered with perpetual snow, lush pine trees and bushes. No other skiing resort can compare with this resort, whether altitude or beauty.
La Massana is connected with Pal-Arinsal by a 12-people gondola, making it very convenient for tourists to shuttle back and forth. Another good news is that an investment of 3 million will soon be spend on restaurants and other facilities in Arcalis. That means tourists will enjoy a better service both during and after their skiing here.
Vallnord region is close to the capital, Andorra La Vella, where you can go shopping in the crowded, busy market, and most of the goods are at discount.
Ready to begin your skiing? The basement is in the middle of the village and a gondola will bring you up to the mid-mountain station at 1950m, where you can choose to stay and start your skiing or continues to go up. If you are confident in yourself and choose not to stop, you will get to 2569m, a perfect place for skiing lovers. You can slide through the woods on the white, shinning snow at a extremely high speed, which sounds exciting and pleasant. But be sure about your skiing ability — don’t take a risk by dropping yourself.
Another attraction for skiing lovers is that you can meet friends from every corner of the world — Spain,Italy,France and so on. You can communicate with foreign skiing lovers and share experience with them, maybe you will become friends in this picturesque place.

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