Major Attractions in Obihiro Area

Obihiro area Obihiro area

Obihiro is located in the center of Tokachi Plain, and facing with the River Tokachi–gawa, which is in the southeast of Hokkaido. Obihiro is the political, logistical and economic center of the region. The layout of the center fo the city is the same as that of Wshington, D.C. ,USA, so that tourists there can become familiar with the city quickly.

Known for a large scale of green area, Suiko-en Garden and Park Midori-ga-oka-koen are close to the center of this city. In 1982, Obihiro’s Centennial Memorial Hall was built here and in the hall there are many literature documents about the history of Obihiro. There is also a wildlife habitat exhibited in the hall, which is the symbol of Tokachi’s nature. In addition, there is another memorial museum nearby, which was built in memory of Naomi Uemura, a great mountaineer. You may have chances to enjoy an pastoral scene in summer on the Yachiyo Public Farm when over 1500 cows are pastured here.

Another popular place is the Shikaribetsu-ko Lake. This lake is located at the southeasten part of the National Park of Taisetsu-zan, and covered with a virgin forest, which is full of spruce and white fir trees. And in the southwestern part of this lake, you can enjoy hot-air ballooning and canoeing.

The Tokachikawa-onsen Hot Spring, a holy land for relaxing, is especially renowned for its plentiful water, which contains many organic matters. Favored by both local and foreign people, this spa resort connects Akan areas and Taisetsu. If you want to have a smooth skin, then just have a try in this moor spring. The ethnic minority, Ainu people have lived here since ancient times,and call it “Kusuri no yu”, that is, Herbal Hot Spring. And there are many excellent facilities provided in this spa resort. What is important, in winter, here would become the paradise of swans, so what a comfortable thing to watch these swans while you are bathing in the hot spring.

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