Looking For Bequia

Bequia is an island over seven square miles composed with almost six hundred small islands. The scenic views on this bougainvillea and frangipani coated island are abundant. Visitors could reach the St. Hilaire Point whether they walking along the asphalt roads or the beach, where is a grassy hilltop which makes as an absolutely ideal picnic spot. The shape of islands of Pigeon Island, Ile de Quatre and Petit Nevis are quite like a whale when they come together, the rough Atlantic islands are tumbled onto the shore.

In addition to St. Hilaire Point, the other prime picnic spot is even more expanse. You can driving through Upper Pea Patch Road and stop your car when a sign “ Spring View”comes into your eyes. On the other side of the island is Ravine Bay Beach where attracts a little of travelers as its inaccessible geographic position. People want to take a view of its beauty have to driving or even more hiking.

Traveling on islands, one of the things must enjoy is eating, and Bequia is such a place full of delicious won’t let you down. Paget Farm is a on the south shore, it has mahi mahi, tuna and dorado bring back by the fishing men who head out 3 am. You can take your time in the Toko’s Step Down Bar and could be provided by mollusks additionally. All the dishes on the menu are sea-to-table. In Fernado’s Hidaway you also have the honor to eat the mostly fresh dishes of which the materials are all catch by its owner and chief, a fisherman. In Port Elizabeth, Devil’s Table is quite famous with mahi mahi which grilled with ginger butter and some other specials. Many of tables are decorated as a romantic and idyllic rock grotto. After finishing meals, hoping you can have a dream night in the Devil’s Nest!

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