Let me show you Avebury – the stone circle standing within the boundaries of a ditch


Avebury, a place with mystical ancient stones, is 20 miles away from north. These age-old circles of henge or stone were constructed almost at the same time. Even though the stones of Avebury are smaller than those at Stonehenge, the size is four times larger than Stonehenge and becoming the largest henge of the world. Actually, to explore the local museum which built up by amateur archaeologist Alexander Keiller and marmalade millionaire, it is not difficult to find that the entire moder history of Avebury is mingled with the stones.

Nevertheless, the most attractive part is the visitor can ramble among the henge for free and using your skin to feel the history and mystery on the stones. As we do not know the reason of existence of many great constructions with early civilizations, same with stones, they must have been absorbed in a culture which mixed with regenerate, heaven and religion. The Sanctuary, this ritual center has the connection with another circle of stone, in which a one mile path flanked with stone between at the end of West Kennet Avenue. Similar with Stonehenge, the Sanctuary does not have standing stones as well. The length of West Kennet Long Barrow burial chambers is less than 1 mile, so it has the possibility indicate that the second circle and avenue have to do journeys to have the afterlife. And to the west Silbury Hill, a high conical mound, is shorter than 1 mile between the stones but set up in the same time with henges. There is no purpose of Silbury Hill have been found out by any archaeologists. A sign of a Neolithic settlement indicate that Windhill Hill, lies on the north, where builders and architects of Avebery were live.

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