Lead Your Way to Tenjin Matsuri

Tenjin Matsuri Tenjin Matsuri Tenjin Matsuri

If your place is just around the JR Shin-Osaka Station, we advise you to take the JR Tozai Line. And you should jump off the train at the Osaka Tenmangu Station. Then take a five minutes’ walk, you will see the great Osaka Tenman Shrine just in front of you. And if you get there at the right time of the year, say July 24th and 25th, you will witness a great festival called Tenjin Matsuri at Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture. You will never miss it.

This festival, with abundant culture history accumulation, has a history of one thousand years. It is one of the greatest festivals in Japnan. This festival is celebrated to make memorial for a great person, named Sugawara-no-Michizane, who represents the god of art and learning. During the festival, there will be a performance called kagura music, which is to make sacrifice to the gods. And puppets performance will put on the show. At the same time the whole city will covered with the atmosphere of the festival.

The most attractive parts are land procession and boat procession. In the land procession, more than thousand people will dressed up like the men in the 8th-12th Centuries. And on their back, there are portable shrines. And during the boat procession, more than one hundred boats will start from the Tenmabashi Bridgem and go to the upstream.

When the evening comes, the light on the boats will be lit up. The light will slash on the water surface, which make the scenery quite splendid. And at the same time, there is firework display. To enjoy these, the citizen here will set up their tent along the river, and enjoy the beautiful view.

Since the Edo period till now, the tradition of Osaka-style handclapping has been popular in Japan. You can witness three thousand people clapping hands together. The rhythm will evoke the sky.

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