Lead Your Way to Tanabata Matsuri

Sendai; festival Sendai; festival


If your hotel is near the JR Sendai Station, why not just look around? There is a Sight-seeing course right starts from Chuo Dori. And what you need to do is a three minutes’ walk from the JR Sendai Station. This festival starts from August 6th and it will last for two days at Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture. This city has a name- Green City. Because when the festival arrives, the city will be decorated with Tanabata. And Sendai city is also the central city in Tohoku District. Nott only in front of Sendai Station, but also in all other corners of the city, it will be decorated with Japanese paper called sasatake and bamboo. You can see this is a contest of beauty. Nowadays, this festival is held on July 7th. But in ancient times, say before the Meiji Restoration in 1868, this festival is held in August according to the lunar calendar. Although there are many similar festivals held in Japan, but this one is the biggest and the most famous one. Different from the other festivals, Sendai has Seven Ornaments. The ornaments are making progress in study and calligraphy, the prosperity of the family, a healthy life, good career business, an abundant harvest. They are represented by colorful rectangular strips made of paper; paper made cranes, paper made drawstring pouches, paper made cast nets, baskets and streamers which are also made of papers. During the Date Masamune period, which is four hundred years ago, people already starts to celebrate this festival. But only after the year 1928, the festival really gets popular. In the year 1928, the Tohoku Industrial revolution broke out. Although it got suspended during World War II, people start to celebrate it as soon as the war is over, and people start to revive the city. There are many attractions during the festival, like the fireworks, parades and concerts. You can enjoy them all during the festival.

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