Lead Your Way to Omizutori Festival

Festival  Festival

If you start at the JR Kintetsu Nara Station, you should take the Shinai-Junkan Bus route. And then get off the bus at the Daibutsuden Kasuga-Taisha-mae bus stop. Because just around the Daibutsuden Kasuga-Taisha-mae bus stop there is a grand festival hold during the March 1st to the 14th. Only a five minutes’ walk will lead your way at the exact spot- Todai-ji Temple, Zoshi-cho, Nara City, where you can join the local people and experience the traditional customs of the long period residents.

The name of the festival is Omizutori, which has a history of a thousand year. On that day you can get the healing waters from the Buddhist priests. And they will parade with huge pine torches in their hands.

This temple that I mentioned before gets its popularity from the grand statue of Buddha. During the festival people will confess their guilty in front of the big Buddha. And the priests will pray for the prosperity and peace of the city. This pray will last for fourteen days. This custom has been passed down since the year of 752.

The event named Otaimatsu really deserves your visit. And this event is believed can bring the good luck. During the event, monks from the temple will run with pine torches in their hands. And if you get in the shower of the sparks of that fire, you will have good luck in the following years.

The most exciting part of the festival is called Omizutori, which will take place on the morning of the 13th. The water will spring down from the temple. And people believe that this water can kill all disease. The water has been running for ten days to get to Obama City, Fukui Prefecture from the underground. The divine water is used during the Omizuokuri ceremony on March 2nd at Jingu-ji Temple. This tradition has a history of over 1,200 years. You would never miss it.

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