Lead Your Way to Hamamatsu Festival

Hamamatsu Festival Hamamatsu Festival Hamamatsu Festival

It is quite easy to join this festival. Only a shuttle bus departs from JR Tokaido Shinkansen’s Hamamatsu Station will lead you there at Nakatajima. And if you get there at the right time of the year say May 3rd – 5th. Then you are a lucky person, for you can participate in the kite-flying ceremony at Nakatajima Dunes, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture. You will never miss it.

This is a festival that hundreds of kites will be set fly over the Nakatajima sand dunes. And also the tunes are facing the sea. So you can imagine how splendid the scenery will be. The kites are 3.5 meters by 3.5 meters. And when the trumpet blow, all the kites will fly in the sky. The competitors are using the strings to hold the kite. This is also a fight between the kites. One kite will produce strong friction to make other kites fall down. And hence the friction is so strong that the stings almost burn into fire. If you just get off the shuttle bus, do not lose this opportunity to fly the kite with the local people.

There are origins about the beginning of this festival. But the “baby” one is most convincing. In the 16th century, when a baby son is born, the kite would be set to celebrate the birth of the baby. And even today, when the baby son is born, the local residents will still celebrate it in the traditional way. This custom is called hatsudako in Japan. On May 5th, people will pray for happiness and a bright future for the baby. And the Japanese people will fly a carp like streamer in their family yard. Carp in Japanese culture stands for advancing in one’s career. And the carp like streamers will be set on a 10m tall wooden pole.

When the night comes, you can witness the parade of 100 palace-like floats, along with the playing of the flute and the lute. This will take place in every corner of the city. We bet this festival will surely cheer you up.

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