Lavender Paradise – Provence

Provence is located in the south of France, from the date of birth, is careful to keep her secret, until the arrival of the British Peter Meyer, Provence, for a long time since the unique life style of the veil was gradually uncovered. Meyer wrote that “province” is no longer a mere geographical name, more represents a simple and worry-free, easy lazy way of life, a kind of yourself, idle see the courthouse flowers bloom, whether not, overflow with clouds scud across heaven leisurely and comfortable. If travel is to get rid of the shackles of life, Provence will be the place make you forget everything.

Due to the extremely rich change, all the Provence region has broken unusual charm – warm wind vernal, weather, sea breeze, wild terrain ups and downs, vast plains, occurs and steep, lonely canyon, winding mountains, the desolate castles and lively, all in this piece of land in France ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings. Lavender bloom in July and August, the wind in color decoration more verdant valleys, slightly spicy scent is mixed with brown grass fragrance, interwoven into the south of France’s become the most unforgettable breath.

In Provence, lavender flowers field have distinct landscape throughout the whole year. Winter, in harvest after cutting, only short and neat dry stems covered with white snow. When spring comes, green leave is on the way. Along with the summer sun on June purple halo gradually, the lavender flower can quickly turn into a charming purple with more the more heat. Followed by the busy work harvested beginning, time is important, therefore, the farmers must cut flowers around the clock and distillation extract. Until the end of September, all the flower field harvest has been finished. Lavender flowers field to catch my breath absorb the essence of nature, for next summer’s purple blossom again.

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