Lap of Luxury

pg51_2Etihad Airways always place the passenger in the first place, and recently it is raising the style of its passenger, so a favorable bar room is facing the passengers at Dulles International Airport in Washington, D.C.
The airline invested $50 million to build the bar rooms at international airports, facing passengers of all countries. This project will be complished by next year. If a traveller is a VIP, he can enjoy it. He can have his ideal dining space or have a relaxation, or enjoy the entertainment with his family members. The bar room is near to the entrance of the aiirplane, so it is very convenient.
In other cities like Dublin, Frankfurt, London, Manchester and Paris, this facility will be also set up soon. By then every VIP will spend an unforgetable flight.
Meanwhile, a good news is here for some passengers who are art lovers. In New York, Sydney and Melbourne, a new kind of bar room will be built like art room. If you are relaxing yourself in art atmosphere, how nice it is to enjoy!

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