Lake Myvatn: a Natural Wonder with Wildlife

 Lake Myvatn

There are many good reasons why Lake Myvatn and the surrounding area are among the most popular tour destinations in Iceland. The place is renowned for the splendid natural landscape, which has been formed by the volcanic activities since ancient times. The volcano last erupted in the 1980s, the great power reminds us that there is the invincible power under our feet. The lava formations have been forged into caves, towers and castles, which are all worth a view.

Lake Myvatn is located at about 3000 meters above the sea level. With the acreage of about 36 square kilometers, Myvatn is the fourth biggest lake in Iceland. To get to the lake, you only need a one-and-a-half drive (90 km ) east from Akureyri.

The lake has been known as a paradise for birds. This is also the place that most duck species in the world live. Harlequin ducks inhabit at the upper reaches of Laxa river, bustling with activity. The barrow’s goldeneye duck wandering around the place is no where to be found in other places in Europe.

There are also numerous kinds of gnats in Myvatn, some of them have the habit of biting humans. Although the gnats are little troubles for human being, they are great aliment for the birds and the trout living in the lake.

Lake Myvatn is also the start point to many interesting sights, such as the usually so called Diamond Circle, Jokulsargljufur National Park and the most great waterfall in Europe, Dettifoss. And the Dimmuborgir is within reach, the cliffs are so outstanding.

The trip to Lake Myvatn is far more than a simple lake vacation, the various flora and fauna, together with the holy and pure surroundings, all of those wonderful sceneries will provide an impressive travel experience.

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