Key Secrets Of Dubai

Dubai, the most extravagant destination, is no longer strange and unusual thing to visiting. A group of companies and travel agencies provide a short tour for visitor to Dubai with better performance and king of promotional. You can be absolutely experienced funny for taking entertainments in this city, so the trip will never become a boring stuff! However, you may not get used to Dubai within a short time after arriving because of the huge hotel, widely roads and marvelous manmade miracles. All these things needs lots of time to explore.

Here are the points you should to remember:
Currency: Money can support you for everything in everywhere. The working hours of banks of Dubai are open from 8 AM till 1 PM, transaction cannot be in Wednesday. In particular, Thursday and Friday are the weekends instead of Saturday and Sunday in Dubai.

Credit card: as the largest market, credit card companies in Dubai are available for any credit card not matter Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners. It is better to bring adequate cash in your wallet in case of you want to go shopping in the small establishments or old street market, as these little owners open for business without card processing machines. One thing you need to know that the rate is about 3.6 Dirham per dollar.

If you are typical American, you have to know that you are going to pay at least 10% tip in hotels of Dubai. Many visitors are happy to accept this traditional practice, and it is a normal practice to pay tip based on the quality and level of service. One thing mentioned above is weekend which you may need time to adjust it as with the jet lag! Shopping malls are open from 9 AM to 5 PM, and some establishments keep operating up to 10 PM.

Hoping you getting fun with these important things!

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