Jim Clark, The Billionaire Seeking Over $100 Million For Two Superyachts

Jim Clark, who is the founder of Netscape and Silicon Graphics as well as being a Silicon Valley icon cites big life changes as the reason he is leaving his sea life behind and selling the two sailing yachts he prizes. This 68-year-old who returned to this year’s World’s Billionaires List is selling the 136-foot Hanuman along with the 295-foot Athena. It was his very smart investments in Apple that earned him the title, and he said that he wants to settle down in New York at his new home with wife, the former Australian model, Kristy Hinze and their 8-month-old daughter.


He told Forbes in an email that he has been around the world two times and doesn’t like the Mediterranean-Caribbean circuit very much, and after owning boats for 28 years it is time that it is over.


Since he expects to break even on his boat investment, he really isn’t letting his passion disappear for nothing. He placed an $18 million price tag on the J-Class sailing yacht, Hanuman, and is asking $95 million for the fourth largest sailing yacht, Athena. Clark is now retired.

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