Introduction of Yucatan’s Cenotes

Yucatan's Cenotes Yucatan's Cenotes Yucatan's Cenotes

Maybe it is uncomfortable in the Yucatán Peninsula in summer. Its lower position makes relieve the hot summers and afternoons. The limestone forming the peninsula is filled with rivers whose water flows out from underground, into which travelers can go through sinkholes. This spectacle is peculiar to Yucatán Peninsula.
Cenotes are an ideal place for swimming, as perfect swimming spots, with abundant fresh water all the year round. They are full of water but not deep or big, for some of them are holes in a farmer’s field;while other are large wells with restaurants and platforms on the surface.
There are some cenotes which are most frequently visited and taken pictures in dramatic caverns around a colonial city. Cenote Zací, located in the central town, has a small size, maybe a city block. The pool of this cenote gives out a chilling steam for its half part is covered by rocks. Therefore, as you go downstairs, you’ll feel a straightforward cold. Another two cenotes, Dzitnup and neighbouring Samula are located underground completely. Looking down through the stairs, you feel immersed in sealed spaces where sound and light spread out from walls. The two cenotes are bestowed by the sunlight, forming a spot through a hole in the shinning angle.
You may feel surprised when realizing how these caverns spread under water. The whole process is a more fabulous as a wonder experience for every visitor. When you stair down the surface into a quiet large space but delicate designed, they may considered as ghostly places. The clearness of water makes you feel suspended in air, the whole of which is an incredible sensation.
Cenote Zací is formed by different cailles, 34,36,37 and 39 respectively. Another two cenotes are also in the inland, 7km west of Valladolid. Other cenotes along the coast are not so popular as these cenotes. Are you interested in underground spectacles? The cenotes are your best choice, preparing you a big surprise.

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