Introduction of the Attractions in Hakodate Area

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Hakodate is situated in southwestern Hokkaido and faced with the Tsugaru Strait. Since the late nineteenth century, in order to trade with other countries, Hakodate has now developed into a port town. The Seikan Tunnel, which connects Honshu and Hokkaido, makes this city a gateway to other two cities.

Next to the railway station, there is a bay area, which is very busy every morning for its morning seafood market. Over 360 stalls set up in this place, providing shoppers with fresh squid, salmon eggs, scallops, Atka mackerel, and many there kinds of fresh shellfish and fish. And it will not take you a long time to walk to the Seikan Strait, where you can find many moored ferryboats, or Mshu-maru Memorial Ship, which used to connect Hokkaido and Aomori City in Honshu. Usually on these ships, there is a coffee shop and a restaurant, in which you can spend a relaxing time by appreciating the beautiful scenery of the port.

In Motomachi area, you can strongly feel the combination of Western and Japanese cultures. In this place, there are many many famous cultural monuments, such as the old British Consulate and its tea lounge, a Russian Orthodox church named Haristo Sei-kyokai, the important cultural heritage site of Hakodate Ward’s old Public Hall, and the Tempel of Higashi-Hongan-ji, which is a branch temple of Kyoto’s Higashi-Hongan-ji Temple. Standing at the bay area, you can overlook the port of Hakodate-ko, where there is a large shopping mall , the Hakodate Beer Hall and the old Kanamori Haberdashery Museum.

Nightlife of this city is famous all over the world, just after that of Naples and Hong Kong.

Hakodate city has a number of scenic spots, which sit at the Oshima-hant, a peninsula in the southern Hokkaido.  Mt. Hakodate-yama, also called Mt. Kagyu-san, is situated in the southwest part of Hakodate, and faced with the Tsugaru Strait. Standing on the weather observatory, you can have a bird viewing of the whole city as well as the south Tsugaru-hanto and Shimokita-hanto peninsulas.

In 1898, Trappistine Convent was built by eight nuns, who were sent from France. And in the front courtyard of Trappistine Convent, there are statues of Joan of Arc and the Virgin Mary.

In summer, Hot Spring of Yunokawa-onsen becomes a popular holiday resort for its plentiful water. It is favored by local people for its convenient location. And in summer or autumn nights, you can see beautiful boat lights here.

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