Introduction of Sun Clemente Palace

Sun Clemente Palace Sun Clemente Palace

The San Clemente palace is situated on San Clemente island. Its famous site, plus historical heritage all together has been changed into a unique hotel among Venice’s hotels. This hotel is famous for luxurious decoration and comfortable spaces, which has made this trip uncomfortable. As one of the leading hotels in the world, the hotel is so large that it looks more like a resort island than a hotel. Its equipments mainly include a spa, sports court and world-class restaurants. Furthermore, Chiesa di San Clemente, a 12th church, has been kept to its own historical heritage, remaining unchanged.
One spectacle of it is the ancient monastery. Its structure has been repaired and furnished with typical fabrics. Its large rooms can provide views which are extending into San Marco area for visitors’convenience. But the price for your stay is reasonable and affordable, lower than a 5-star hotel in Venice, for the hotel is far away from Venice and isolated. Maybe many visitors hesitate to stay there for its isolation, but once you see a haven and the free shuttle service it offers, you will enjoy it. After a boat ride provided for you to end the whole day’s exhausting sight, it is a good choice to have a feast. Don’t forget the amazing garden which can offer splendid vistas, although it is regarded as a backyard in the hotel. As for the reason of the name,actually it was called palace just because it is located on a private island. The previous shape was a hospital in the 19th century and now it has been turned into a monastery. In the exterior, it is features by various colored, tall windows with trims and arched shape.
if you are interested in history, it is also a resort worth to mention and your choice to have a vacation for relaxation and appreciation.

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