Introduction of Roman Food and Drink


The ancient Rome food also includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, but has different references respectively. Breakfast was in the early morning, consisting of bread with salt, dates, wheat, pancakes and others; lunch was mainly bread with cheese, eggs, grapes and other materials. The main meal for Roman  may be the dinner, because during period, there would be always some guests coming to visit them. Here the main food served in dinner was a kind of porridge made with wheat, olive oil, salt and water, accompanied by some fish and meat or vegetables.
With time going, dinner is become more and more popular among rich Romans who luxuriously hold parties in dinner time. They devided dinner into three parts: the appetizer, main course and deserts.
While they were having the appetizer, they sat on couches and listened to relaxing music, wine served in the party, ususally warmed and watered down. The appetizer was a sellection of many kinds of drinks, though made of many ingredients. It was served with a drink mainly of mixing wine with honey.
The main course is lavish with complex cooking skills. Tt contained fish and meat( usually pork in their favor). All parts of a pig can be a good dish, esp. the toasted and stuffed pork. In addition to pork, other meat like  lamb were also part of food. Birds like chicken were all made many dished and became part of ancient Roman food. Sometimes in special occasion, some birds like peacocks were also made into a good dish.
Sausages was considered a delicate food in Roman dishes. Desert concluded some fruits like figs with honey served in the party. Some fruits and vegetables such as black peppers needed to be imported from the East .
The nobles of ancient Romans were famous for their lavish food in the process of expanding, while the common people were having a thrifty life.

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