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Paris is famous as the most favourite and popular attraction for travelers.Why is it so popular in tourism? Maybe there is seldom some news concerned with disharmony, so travelers consider it a safe city. It is known as the city of art, for the famous Eiffel Tower can be found in this city. Travelers, whether they are backpackers or students, regard Paris travel as a wonderful experience.
For people who enjoy organized vacations, they’d better choose Paris. Eiffel Tower is an ideal place to know of Paris and it only costs 5 Euro to enter the building. When you step on the first platform, the elevator is available to the top of the tower. For the elevator is always busy except in winter , you can get to the top on foot.
The Louvre is a famous art museum in the world, and especially the
most frequently visited museum. It displays 30000 objects, including famous artifacts and paintings,such as Mona Lisa. If you don’t arrive early, you can’t stand the long waiting line, although the ticket for the Louvre is not very expensive. It is worthwhile to spend 2 to 3 hours visiting the Louvre, especially for travelers who prefer to visit museums.
The Notre Dame cathedral is another place to appeal to travelers. It is famous not only for the delicate architecture but also for its unique design. Moreover, you can get a view of the whole Paris through the top tower. Although there is no elevator in the museum, it is not bad to take exercise by stairs all the way.
Maybe you’ll spend a lot of money traveling through the city, but after all there are some ways for you to save some money. Taking a cruise along the river, or using boats instead of taxis can save you some traffic fees. It is better to plan your budget and costs in advance, even you can reduce the meal cost to have a brunch.

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