Introduction of Isla Navarino

Isla Navarino

Isla Navarino is a famous place, but it is a tough process to go there. When the plan of your vacation for it is decided, it is probably not to your taste and not fully satisfied. Therefore, tourism is still in a newly but undeveloped stage.
Its towns are desolated, with bungalows furnished and iron roofs in the top. It has changing weather, with sunrise for one minute and snow fall in another minute. Surprisingly, snow falls even in summer. The crazy wind can turn a hike into a sport. A combination of outdoor adventure and the little island’s exploration forms the whole trip to Isla Navarino. The natural forests and glaciers are important parts of the beautiful scenery during the vacation. Moreover, you can see the Chilean fjords which is called “Teeth of Navarino”and can not be missed.
For hikers, it is an ideal place for trekking. There are low and high trails around the central island where you can see the grave but pure scenery. “The Dientes Circuit.”is another name for a 5-day hiking. Their camping place is usually placed around lakes and streams trickling down the mountains. The position is changed a little since the hiking of Charles Darwin in 1832.
Airline and boats are ways of transportation to arrive there. Take a ferry ride, and you can get there in a day and a half. A little boat from Ushuaia, Argentina can also get you there.
Maybe the best way to get there is by a cruise ship. There are two cruise ships which can seat 100 passengers, with the regular lines to Cape Horn and Tierra del Fuego.
Due to being the last site of native Yahgan culture, this island shows its importance in the archaeological field. The early explorers were very interested in Yahgan culture, so it is attractive to those people. Yahgan is an isolate language with no discernible genetic connection to others.

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