Introduction of Canal Grande in Venice

Venice Venice

The Grand Canal is called an avenue in Venice, with a length of 3800 meters, forming an S shape through the neighbors. And its width and depth are also surprising. Places along the Canal are mostly famous so that many merchants plan to build their palazzos to get wealth
from the position. Also you can appreciate the beauty of nature and style of architecture when you go down the Canal.
As we all know, Venice is called the city of love, which attracts lots of travelers to pay a visit. A city filled with canals are also worth to mention, that is the Grand Canal. It is called the highway of water sports cutting through Venice and Vaporetti by Italians. It is impressive to have a view along the canal. Everything is magnificent, including watching the sunset over Venice, the water and especially the music in the distance to your ears unnoticeable. When you are on the canal, especially in the evening, the sun is glistening forming a vision. Usually it is very common and become a symbol of the canal for the frequent visitors; while for the first visitors, they are surely surprised. On arrival, you will feel the history of the architecture and wonder how old the canal is. Most architecture of Venice is built on water and canals are made of waters, but they are drained of the original swamps.
Palaces and buildings are features of the attractions on the Grand Canal. They were built from 13th century to 18th century. The Republic of Venice was famous for wealth and art and the place for residences of the noble proud families.
The three bridges are worth to be mentioned on the Grand Canal, with the most famous one as Rialto Bridge. Taking pictures on that bridge is quite a good idea. So when you are in Venice, it is very necessary to visit the Grand Canal.

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