India: A Vacation Rich In Experiences — But Easy on the Budget

Are you looking for a different type of vacation this year — but one that won’t break the bank? May we suggest you visit India — a land that will dazzle your senses! India is a country filled with time-stamped monuments and religious edifices. It also boasts beautiful beaches, snow capped mountains and sun drenched deserts. And who has not dreamed of one day standing and gazing upon the beautiful Taj Mahal?

India is a country as diverse as it is beautiful. At times the contrasts found in the country are truly enigmatic. No book can ever adequately describe what you will see and feel when you visit India. When you take a trip to India you are traveling not to a tourist destination — you are embarking upon a life experience.

When you work with an experienced tour operator familiar with India, even though your vacation will result in life long memories, it will still be very economical. In fact, why not contact a reliable travel agent and check on the prices of a vacation package to this exotic land?

It is no wonder that India is becoming more and more of a major travel destination for tourists from around the world. Others are reporting what a wonderful experience it is to visit this country, and yet how cost effective it is, too. In fact, India offers probably more diverse travel packages than any country in the world. It doesn’t matter if your interest is local culture, nightlife, nature preserves, or visiting historical sites — India has something to offer you.

You will want to pick a favorable season to accomplish your goals. Tourism is popular year round, but each season offers certain advantages. For instance, summers in many parts of India are not nearly as unbearable as other countries of the world. That is why many people travel to India to escape scorching summer heat.

As a result, many tour operators offer special summer tour packages. You may choose one of the lovely beaches of India where you can soak up the sun during your summer visit. Or, you may choose the summer season to see the Himalayas and visit one or two of the many resorts found there.

Speaking of the Himalayas, more and more people are choosing to visit this destination. Many travel to Shimla, a unique hill station located there. On a summer visit to Shimla you will see beautiful landscapes in a comfortable environment. The area is steeped in the rich history of the British empire in India.

Others come to India to visit the many monuments to be found here, or to tour a palace or a fort. If so, Rajasthan is a likely destination. It boasts many beautiful monuments, forts and hotels rich in grand heritage.

There is no doubt about it, India is a country like no other on earth. Come and visit India. Here you will find a country rich in culture, steeped in tradition, boasting pristine landscapes, snow capped mountains and beautiful natural beaches.

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