Iceland- A Heart-Wrenching Place on Earth


The Landscapes in Iceland
People are usually misleaded by the name of Iceland. Being the closest neighbor of America, Iceland enjoys fascinating landscapes – covered with vast volcanoes, spouting hot springs, lava fields, bubbling mud pools, and steam vents. However on the other side of the Iceland there is plenty of ice, like he dramatic glacial lagoon at Jokulsarlon, which gets its popularity from the icebergs. Yet in another part of the land witness pristine farms and tremendous green grasslands. And it also enjoys beautiful coast scenery. Actually, 89% of the land is ice-free, and most medieval Europeans believe that it is the entrance of the underworld. A volcano was once chosen by Jules Verne as the doorway of the Earth. The word geyser was created in Iceland, named after Geysir.

The Lane Ring Road
The main road circles around much of the island. In the big circle formed by the road, there are ocean scenery, treeless tundra and the fire and ice of the interior. When the tourist finished their bus tour on the island, they may feel like they just finished a trip to the moon, but the ending station is the world’s northernmost capital – Reykjavik. Actually there are two roads, but only one
show in town.

The City’s Fable Blue Lagoon
The fable blue lagoon is one of the public thermal swimming pools. And the milky turquoise color of it comes from the blue-green algae. The temperatures near 102 degrees Fahrenheit in the pool, which produces billowing white steam, with a geo-thermal power plant just next door. All of these scenery make the island like a fairyland. Besides the residents lived on the island are quite friendly, if you lost your way in the scenic spots, they can lend you a hand.

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  1. Ariana Louis September 5, 2013 at 5:27 am -

    It’s just amazing. You’d think Iceland, by virtue of its name, is a cold land covered with ice. But with its volcanoes and hot springs, the first-time visitor will be shocked with the irony. I’ve read Travel Republic reviews from travelers who went to Iceland, and I’ve decided to go there and experience its wonders. Can you recommned a list of sights to see, starting in Reyjavik?