How to Eating out in Norway


203250xt771r48tzjrqrqf hot-dog vacc8arbottlesEating out in Norway could be quite expensive, but there are always  some ways for saving money, it you can offer to try. For example, you can ask the local people for some advice. According to a survey, there is a place which shows some acceptable prices for immigrants. Whatever you eat or drink, it gives you some ways for you to consume in a cheap way.
Alcohol and tobacco are considered as the most expensive luxury in Norway. Even you can’t afford a galss of beer. But if you go to the right place, you could choose the price what you think is reasonable, and save you a lot of money.  The following place is showing a list of prices for you to choose.
In order to save money, Norway people usually have a party before they go out, even they could get drunk when they set off. Because the bars has an early close time, so they usually arrive home to continue.
There are also the cheapest beer in supermarkets, but if you want to buy a good one, you should go to some state-owned stores during the opening hours to pay a little higher price. It is possible that you could get free alcohol and tobacco as soon as you get the airport where you could buy them free in its duty free stores. Besides you can save money, maybe it is a good idea for you to give it to your friends as a present when you go to visit your friends in Norway. Then in that way will you not only save some money, and also make your friends happy.
In Norway you are forbidden to drink in public places, so you should obey the rule that how local people drink alcohol, or you can’t stay in Norway.

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