How to eat and stay safe in Middle east


The Middle East is located in Western Asia and North-eastern Africa. The British military officials created the term. Its definitions are different in different periods. Now it has both the geographical and political connotations. Geographically it refers to the region between the west and the far east. Politically it is a passage for trade issues through the west and east. Many people who travel to Middle East don’t know some details about what the accommodation is like. The following is an arrangement of food and how to keep safe there.
Food. Middle East has a great influence on cookery. Turkey and Arabian countries nearly share the same dish. A traveler can have a taste of similar dishes mainly made up of breads and kebabs from Greece to India. These can also be seen in countries of Central Asia.
Stay safe. The region of Middle East includes many countries which have their own features, so there are some complicated ways of visiting this region:
Some countries are often in wars, so if you have a plan, firstly check the war zone on the map to avoid visiting them, Iraq as a typical one.
Some countries in the region have law restrictions about homosexuality and adultery, the penalties for these offenses are very heavy. Before you set off, you should search on related website.
Israel visa or stamp is not recognized in some countries, so they don’t acknowledge your passport and give you a refusal. For your visa was issued by Israel, the Israel authorities would admit your application and allow your entrance. You should know that Only Turkey, Egypt and Jordan are friendly with Israel, so once you have a decision, read some Israel articles first.

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