Hotel Review for Levin in London


The Levin in London is a luxurious hotel which can make you feel as comfortable as you are at home. Travelers are welcomed by friendly staff who even can speak out their name after travelers enter the hotel. Furthermore, since Harrods draws near, this small hotel is of importance to access to shopping paradise.
Who for:
Situated at the center of London, Levin is attractive to travelers who want to have the enjoyment of culture and luxury shopping malls. It is also best suited for people in love. The extra preparation is on the list of roses, strawberries and breakfast.
For travelers who want to share their wonderful hotel experience, incoluding swimming pools, gyms and other business centres, Levin is not a good choice. Besides, it is better not to choose Levin if travelers are in large groups.
Levin has 12 rooms, which plays an important role in size in London. It has an unique style but it makes travelers feel comfortable. It has a furnishment of little charming decorations with an atmosphere of art such as a selection of Penguin classics. The street in which is placed Levin is a little quiet but not always in that state. Unluckily the walls are so thin that some noise made by players can be delivered to their neighbors through walls.
Food and Drink
Bars in Levin opens at 7:00 am, serving breakfast. Then the further step is followed by lunches, afternoon teas and dinners. Main dish varies from fish and chips to Italian food.
Maybe you will feel disappointed when they charge you extra price for the delicious breakfast, although it is of good quality and includes fruits, jam and cereal. Indeed, The price of breakfast is based on that of the room.
Facilities:When the hotel makes you feel ease at home, surely it is the good facilities that work. They are simple but functional. Rooms are highly air-conditioned, 24-hour service is available, bathrooms are heated under floor and overnight parking is also served if extra money is paid.

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