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Hong Kong Hong Kong

There is a variety of attractions in Hong Kong, and tourists here will never feel disappointed. You can enjoy local cuisine, go shopping or appreciate the breathtaking natural landscapes in most of these attractions. No matter what you want to do here, you can just do it and will feel satisfied. If you like shopping, here you will find numerous street markets and malls, where you can also have a taste of the local cuisine.

Hong Kong has many beautiful beaches, especially in the south. Some of the most popular beaches in Hong Kong include Shek O, Rfepulse Bay, Hung Shing Yeh Beach and Big Wave Bay, which are well-equiped and have a lot of cafes, kiosks and restaurants. Spending your holidays on these beaches are wonderful. While Repulse Bay is a good place for families, Shek O is more popular among young people. Big Bay is the favourite place for surfers. Although Hung Shing Yeh Beach is more commercial, you can also enjoy the crystal clear waters and the white powdery sand at a low price.

You can choose to enjoy the natural landscape and the beautiful beaches by sailing on boats. Junk boats, which are easy to rent and can accommodate thirty people, maybe the best choice. Sailing is very wonderful. And most people would start their sailing adventure from Sai Kung. If you want something cheaper , you can choose a water taxi, which is smaller but can also take you to anywhere you want to go.

Though few tourists would choose hiking in Hong Kong , we have to admit that this is the perfect way to appreciate the scenery there. Beside the beaches are the majestic mountains, where you can have an amazing and a challenging hiking. There are many hiking trails you can choose, and the most popular ones are the Hong Kong Trail, the Lantau Trail, the Wilson Trail and the Maclehose Trail. Taking a taxi or bus is the best way to experience these trails. Because of the humid and hot climate conditions and the steep terrain there, people who choose hiking had better wear suitable clothes, and take enough water and insect repellent.

Shopping in Hong Kong is a very good choice, and you will find there are countless large shopping malls everywhere except the streets markets and vendors. Here you can access to discounted electronics, brands , authentic souvenirs and handcrafts. The most popular and biggest malls in Hong Kong are the Pacific Place, IFC Mall, Landmark, Cityplaza, Harbour City, APM, Elements, Langham Place and Hong Kong’s typical Times Square.

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