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The Hawaiian Islands is in the middle of the Pacific ocean, including eight islands. There are six of them for travelers to visit, and each of them has its own uniqueness.
Oahu has been a gathering place since it became the home of Polynesian people. It is the landing place for many airplanes. Waikiki is also the place where you’ll find the action when you want to have a nightlife and wide shopping.

Maui's resorts

Maui’s resorts are worth visiting, it is very suitable for people who want to swim and surf in wind.
Kauai is famous for its dense forests and it is the oldest. It is full of waterfalls, rainbows and beautiful beaches. Some rare species are also seen from there. What’s more, the Hollywood movies are often put on there.
“Hawaii”, the largest island, displays the biggest and active volcanoes. The vibrant rainforest and dense grass are beautiful scenery worth seeing. There are also some luxury resorts there attractiing your attention.
Lanai has the largest plantation in the world, and it lies very far away, so it is one of the quietest islands. Its two luxury resorts are open to public to show their attraction in tourism.
Molokai is the smallest island of all and it is the least developed o ne. The famous hula dance originated from that island. For it is small and far, no traffic lights, no shopping centres and food chains are offered, also really no crime. What’s more,  it is home to the world’s highest sea cliffs. Surprisinfly it has a large population, so it is a mysterious island, if you are really interested in the life style of people there.
Some fascinating islands are really worth seeing and exploring, so as long as you have enough time, you can have a try, try some unbelievable things to your curiosity. A Hawaii cruise may be the best way to explore them if you feel preasured to explore all of them.

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