Having an Extraordinary Holiday in Hawaii


From Waikiki Beach to rainforests to snowcapped volcanoes, Hawaii can be said as the optimal tourist destination for holidaymakers. Those extremely advanced entertainment equipment, ancient Polynesian culture and spectacular natural beauty will undoubtedly make your holidays in Hawaii quite comfortable and pleasing. If you know the past story of Hawaii, you might say it also has a complex identity. Whatever it is, the generous spirit that you can feel everywhere in Hawaii is “aloha”, which seems infectious and makes every tourist on the exotic, yet quite American islands feel exciting.

Except for those well-known activities favored by tourists here, like swimming, spa, snorkeling, and so on, there are many other less famous but still quite interesting activities tourists can have a try when travel to Hawaii. Following is a brief introduction about three of these less famous yet very fantastic activities tourists can do on Hawaii islands.

You can pay a visit to Waipio Valley on the Big Island by a carriage or horseback ride. This lush gorge has an ancient history and over one thousand years ago, the original Polynesian settlers came here.

Or you can visit Oahu’s Byodo-In Temple, which is a replica of the 900-year-old building in Uji, Japan. This temple is established in front of a gorgeous green mountain and within it is an enormous bell. This temple now has become a popular attraction in Hawaii and attracts numerous tourists each year.

Molokai is home to the popular dance of hula, and during the three-day Molokai Ka Hula Piko festival that is celebrated in May, tourists can feast their eyes on those best hula dancers.

Also, Hawaii’s luxury hotels are worth having a try. Tourists can find well-equipped hotels easily. In those hotels, tourists are able to enjoy superior services. If you want to have an extremely comfortable and relaxing holiday, Hawaii will be an ideal destination.

Before leaving for Hawaii, tourists should make well preparation in advance, like checking flights, booking hotels, planning travel schedule, and so on. To have a comfortable and pleasing holiday, a well preparation is quite necessary so tourists should try their best to make it perfect.

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