Having a Pleasing Spa Vacation in the Middle East

Middle East Middle East

During the past few years, Middle East has gradually become a popular tourist destination for its relaxing spa offerings. What is more wonderful, you can at the same time look at the crystal blue waters.

Enjoy spa is meant to restore your mind, spirit and body in a very luxurious surroundings, and certainly there is no better place than the Middle East.

There are some extremely luxurious spa resorts in the Middle East, and almost all of these resorts are well-equipped.

Located in Muscat, the capital of Oman, Shangri-La’s Barr Al Jissah Resort and Spa has the best spa facilities and most luxurious surroundings. This resort covers an area of 124 acres and is composed of three hotels, that is, Al Husn, Al Waha and Al Bandar. This luxurious spa resort is situated between the Gulf of Oman and mountains, about 15 minutes’ driving from old Muscat.

This spa resort is a magnificent building and combines Omani and Islamic styles. Not only an ideal relaxing place for adults, this resort but also is very favored by children, for there is a children pool inside. What is more important, there are eight restaurants in the resort, which offer Mediterranean dishes at Samba and Moroccan dishes at Shahrazad.

Another best spa resort is Burj Al Arab in Dubai, which is just like a palace and gives an extraordinary luxurious enjoyment for its 24 carat gold decoration inside. By the windows, you can have a view of the Arabian Gulf. In the royal suites, you can enjoy a revolving bed as well as a private cinema. Also, here you access to many international dishes, like Japanese cuisines on the ground floor, and tasty European dishes on the top floor restaurant.

Enjoying the luxurious spas and having a taste of those delicious international cuisines, your Middle East travel surely will never make you feel disappointed.

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