Have an Exciting Holiday in Malta

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Due to low fare airlines, Malta, a small Mediterranean island, had got rid of its worse position just five years ago and now has gradually become a popular tourist destination today.

Just five years ago, the number of tourists to Malta declined sharply for higher fares. But with the increase of airlines and flights, Malta has witnessed a boom of tourists coming here and benefitted a lot from this.

Now, a lot of airlines are flying between Malta and many other cities, like Bournemouth, Manchester, Liverpool, and Newcastle. Thus, holidaymakers from all around the world can vacation in Malta easily.

So many carriers thronging in the airline market have made the fares very cheap, which is also a piece of good news for holidaymakers to travel a lot.

Except for British visitors, there are a lot of tourists coming from other European countries. Due to this phenomenon, the stores, hotels and other vacation related businesses have developed rapidly and multi-culturally.

With the competition between so many carriers becoming stronger and stronger, those carriers that want to get larger market sizes have to improve their customer services. And according to a recent survey, the service in Air Malta has been voted as a best one, alongside Swiss Air.

Malta is attractive not only for those tourists who want to stay for a two week holiday in the sun, but also for those who are considering to stay for a longer time, because there is a range of good hotels here. And now spa hotels have become another attraction. Due to its superior quality, these spa hotels have won good reputation for Malta among tourists for Ireland, major cities in Europe, and British.

Valletta, as the capital city of Malta, is the most popular tourist destination. In addition, there are some other very attractive towns in Malta, including St Paul’s Bay, Mellieha, and St. Julians. And Mellieha, for its best sandy beaches, attracts numerous tourists every year.

Just like those famous and popular cities, Malta can also provide tourists with comfortable and pleasing holidays. Through a cheap travelling to Malta, tourists can widen their horizons and have a good knowledge of the world. If you want to have an extraordinary vacation by travelling to a less famous country, then Malta will be the best choice. You will never feel regret for your choice.

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