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Four things in Guadalajara are very famous: Tequila, Maricachi love songs, traditional Mexican rodeos, and Mexican hat dance. Guadalajara is Jalisco State’s capital and about 573 kilometres from Mexico City. Guadalajara has a long history. The climate here is mild all the year round.

In Guadalajara, holiday hotels may be expensive, but worth it, because here you can enjoy the perfect service.

Also, in Guadalajara, you can enjoy colorful nightlife.

The church of Bascilica of La Virgen de Zapopan is renowned for the La Zapapanits statue. On 12th, October of every year, more than one million people come to here to watch the recurrence of the statue.
The church of Catedral has a mix of design styles including Baroque, Gothic and others. There are 11 silver altars in this church, ten of them sent by King Fernando II, one carved with white marble in 1863 in Italy. Also, there are a number of beautiful altarpieces, which are the most important points of this church.
The Church of St. Augustine is an old church in Guadalajara. And next to it is the Music School, which was a monastery of Augustine originally.
Instituto Cultural Cabanas is an iconic cultural center, which is designed by Manuel Tolsa, a renowned Spanish architect. Here many artworks are exhibited. And Mural paintings of Jose Clemente Orozco is hanged in the roof.
The Archaeological Museum sits in the western part of Mexico. There you can find artifacts and potteries used by the ancients.
In the modern art museum of the Guadalajara University, you will have chances to appreciate some paintings and drawings of the twentieth century.
Sit in the downtown area, Mueso de Cera is a wax museum of 120 figures. In addition, there is an Aztec sacrificial underground chamber, which is popular for its horrible chambers.
Museo de la Ciudad de Guadalajara is a reconstructed colonial area, where you can find artifacts, artworks and file copies about the development of this city.
Museo del Periodismoy de las Artes Graficas is a place where the 1st printing press of Guadalajara was built in 1792. Here you can find historic newspapers, recording equipment , a remained television studio and printing presses.
Museo Regional de Guadalajara is originally a seminary, now it displays many historic artifacts, memorabilia and paintings.
Palacio de Gobierno used to be jalisco’s government offices.
Guadalajara’s city hall was constructed in 1952, in which is a wall painting portraying scenes of the Judgement Day.
Parque Agua Azul is a place favored by children.
In the theater of Teatro Degollado, folklore ballets, plays and orchestras are performed.
The church of Templo de Nuestra de Aranzazu is a good place for visiting. The ceilings and walls of this church are designed intricately.
Zoologico Guadalajara is a fantastic zoo, where has about 150,000 animals.

Guadalajara has various local specialties, like birria, torta ahogada, pozole and so on. And the restaurant of Santo Coyote is a good place to have a dinner. This restaurant is not only famous for its delicious dishes but also its shrines and flowing waterfalls. The restaurant of La Rinconada, which has appeared in movies, has various kinds of dishes. And the best Italian restaurant in Guadalajara is La Trattoria, where you can have a taste of many delicious food. Beside those restaurants mentioned above, there are many other popular restaurants in Guadalajara.

In Guadalajara, you can access to various kinds of activities, such as bullfighting, golf, skating and so on. Also, here you can trip to many places by guided tours, or learn Spanish, or enjoy comfortable spas.

Guadalajara has always been the leader of Mexico’s shoe industry. Here you can get a good-quality footwear at a low price. So every year thousands of people come here for the leather boots. And also, there are many large malls in Guadalajara, in which you can access to all kinds of goods. In addition, there are many small towns in Guadalajara, like Tlaquepaque and Tonala, where you can find beautiful crafts, jewelry, arts, leather, silver, blown glass, pottery, clothing and wood furnitures.

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