Gourmet Capital of India – Varanasi

Varanasi   Varanasi   Varanasi

Have you commit a crime of gluttony ever? If not, I bet that you have never been in Varanasi, both the holy city and the gourmet capital of India. No matter where you come from, there is always a proper dish waiting for you in the eateries there for it offers nearly all kinds of cuisines around the world. So if you want to try the globe food without travelling a long distance, Varanasi is also a good choice.
Let’s take German meal for example firstly. Brown Bread Bakery offers characteristic German food – cheesy noodle with unique taste, chicken sausages served with potato salad, and, of course, the classic bratwurst with mustard sauce. If that still can’t satisfy your appetite, apple strudel may be a good choice.
Want some Korean dishes? Walk through Manikarnika Ghat and you will find a delicate house named Rage Café in a lane. The inside decoration is like villages in rural Korea, with a strong smell of seaweed, which comes from a special seaweed mushroom soup. Dishes here are optional: a stir-fried rice and noodle dish called japchae deopbap and a really spicy ramen. You can get more suggestions from Korean travelers.
If you are a vegetarian, Pizzeria Vaatika Café may be one of your best choices. The menu is concise but healthy – oven pizza with maigre ingredients, the delicious apple pie with much cheese and various organic herbal teas. The eatery is totally operated by a family, so it opens all day long, which is such a good news for those exhausted travelers.
What’s more, the most precious meal in Varanasi is local India cuisine. There are too many of India restaurants to introduce, so let’s take a brief look at them. Satvik thali’s food is cooked in a light taste, without garlic or onion. Blue Lassi served a large variety of lassi blends and you may never heard of some of them before. You’d better find a local guide before you start your “delicious” trip.

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