Good to the Bone to have dinner in Paris

pigThe decoration may be simple, but the food at Bones is not simple. Paris is following the fashion like renaissance, much like the scenes to feel all countries at home. In order to set the scenes, it is said that Bones is a must for your clients with a flare for adventure.
Brooklyn of Paris is considered as gritty and sexy. Many youths and hipsters drink wine across the streets or smoke cigarettes in the open air. The setting is more like an art gallary than a restaurant, because  French wine and liqueurs is placed in a wooden bar area, while the bar is inside the stone
wall. The dining room has only 50 seats, indeed it is a French style dining room.
Bones is set up by a chef James Henry, whose goal is to build a different restaurant with different materials. That is why it is called Bone. On the menu is listed five courses only to pay 40 Euro. The source of food is locally made , so don’t worry, it is of good flavor. The butter is warm and bread has a delicious shape, still wine is inevitably on the list, with kinds of countries around the world. We make sure that you are excited or joyful when you have dinner in that scene.
Carpaccio of bracciola is the beginner of the meal, followed by smoked oysters, also radish and mushrooms, duck breast and goose wings. The local French cheeses and a desert are also in the list.
You can easily find it at 43 rue Godefroy Cavaignac. If you have a taste to go, please have an order several weeks in advance. Just try and go, you’ll surely have a different feeling.
Just take an adventure to try the different dinner with unique food.

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