Good News for Watch Lovers –New Fortis Complication

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Having been cooperating with famous architects and artists for ages, Fortis, the company with a long tradition of making original and distinctive watches, introduced a new innovation into the family of Fortis complications this years– F-43 Jumping Hours watch, which attracted much attention at Baselworld 2013*.

As another “art watch” of Fortis, the F-43 Jumping Hours watch has a strong “heart” – the Fortis F2024 automatic movement, which has been proven extremely reliable and provides power in many other award-winning Fortis timepieces, such as the famous B-47 Mysterious Planets Timekeeper.
Just like its family members, the F-43 has two different versions for customers. If you are an advocate of simplicity, we recommend you the one with a skeletonized dial which exposes the mechanism and jumping hour wheel. Its pretty strap is made of black leather, which can make you look mature and casual.

The other vision of F-43 has a black dial graven with concentric white circles and a stainless steel bracelet. This vision tends to be more official and old-school.

Both of two visions have these components: a traditional central minute hand which is convenient for reading, a beautiful screw-in crown and a delicate scratch resistant sapphire crystal. What’s more, this watch has such a steady performance that can function well even under 656 feet of water.

If you are a fan of Fortis, or you just would like something unique and high-grade on your wrist, the F-43 Jumping Hours watch must be one of your best choices. However, as one of the “art watches”, F-43 is planned to be manufactured in limited numbers, which means you need to get connected with the local authorized Fortis dealer as possible as you can if you want to purchase one for yourself or your friend. We have to remind you that as soon as the Baselworld Fair finishes, all these unparalleled watches will be removed from every dealer.

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