Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Glen Canyon Glen Canyon

The most distinctive feature of Glen Canyon is certainly the lake in it, Lake Powell. It is the second largest artificial lake in the US. The lake stretches about 190 miles across the red rocks in the desert of Utah. Because the lake is so scenic and important, Lake Powell, together with the surrounding area was established in the national park of Glen Canyon, known as Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

What makes the place a fantastic destination is the reflections of red sandstone rocks in the clear blue water. The surrounding area is full of little or no vegetation covered rocks, all in splendid red colours. The cliffs that once towering in the canyon are now islands and banks in the lake. Together with the reflection of the sky, the world here seems on another planet. As a result, Lake Powell is a wonderful place for leisure activities and family travels. Fishing, boating, swimming, water sports and hiking are all good choices for a pleasant vacation.

However, it is not so easy to approach the place, for roads are limited. The west of Glen Canyon is relatively easy to reach. This is also the place for most activities. You can find most beaches, marinas, campsites and resorts in the western edge, too. But the distanced northeast only has the basic services and the quiet village Hite is there, too.

Besides those main locations, you can try the many dirt and distant trails in the canyon, which may lead you to some surprising places along the lakeshore. Note that most of the trails are only suitable for 4-wheel-drive vehicles. If you are traveling with a normal car, Smoky Mountain Road is recommended.

If you don’t want to sleep in a camp, the only hotels in the canyon can be found in Page, the mentioned quiet village.

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