Gives You The Added in Telluride- Festival Capital of the Rockies

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Telluride is a Home Rule Municipality that is the most thickly settled town of San Miguel County in the southwestern part of the United Sates of Colorado. The predecessor of Telluride is a silver mining camp on the San Miguel River in the western San Juan Mountains and now is travel and ski resorts. Telluride is quarantined in a box canyon where encircled by apexs with about 14 thousand feet. It has highly reputation during the skiers because of the high-octane vertical mountains. It is one of the oldest ski towns with excellent conservation in Western. The population of Telluride was 2221 in 2000.

These days, Telluride is famous for the festival capital of Rockies. During May and Sep, there are planned almost 25 shows for visitors, such as the Bluegrass Festival in June, the Film Festival in Labor Day weekend and the Jazz Festival which will happens in August. According to the budget, the constructions of infrastructure and maintenance will be holding for the whole year. There have 85 ski trails which covers over 2500 acres with the Rockies terrain and more than two of thirds are prepared for the beginners and intermediate. The rest of toughest trails in the country intend for experts. The See Forever trail is the longest one in Telluride. Skiers can get free service to have rest for 12 minutes aboard in the Gondola where is nearby Mountain Village and connecting with Telluride.

Outside the town, Wyndham Peaks Resort & Golden Door Spa which covers an area of 42000 square feet, provides a comfortable environment with luxury decoration for visitos. Sitting in there, visitors can see the incomparable beauty, the San Juan mountains of southwest Colorado.

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