Getting the Best Value out of Your Portuguese Vacation

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Pleasure cruises are one of the oldest holidays you can take, conjuring images of wild expatriates running round the Mediterranean playing shuffleboard in the 1930s to the mega boats and Las Vegas type shows available to go see on cruises today. With five star chefs cooking all the gourmet food you can eat, the pleasure cruise remains an attractive option for holidaymakers today.

Cruises are generally expensive. So what if you’re strapped for cash? Does that discount you from taking one? Of course not! Does that mean you have to go into debt just to take out the loan for the cruise? Definitely not! The good news is that if you can’t afford such a cruise, there are many deals to be snatched up. To find out how, read on.

Around Portugal, cruise lines that sail from Lisbon often have good deals to be taken advantage of. Most cruise lines strive to compete with each other, offering unique deals to get more business. Some of these companies run deals at particular times of the year. Monitoring their websites will keep you abreast of any upcoming deals to be had.

Contacting your travel agent and outlining both what type of cruise you want to take, as well as how much you want to pay for it, is also a good way to stay on top of upcoming cruise discounts. Other things you should inform the travel agent of include how many people will be traveling with you, and the length of the cruise that you want to take. As professionals in the know, travel agents have a nose for finding such deals. With the rise of the internet and people making their own vacations, the travel agent industry has seen a decline in recent years. There is a misconception that travel agencies are more expensive and difficult to work with versus booking your own vacation online, but this couldn’t be further from the truth, so open up a relationship with a travel agent if you haven’t already.

If you decide to go it alone and venture into the World Wide Web to book a cruise after all, beware that the World Wide Web can catch you out as a spider. Not all online travel sites are secure, let alone reliable. There are a lot of fly by nighters and scammers that have veiled themselves as travel companies. In reality, the cruise packages they advertise may not exist anymore than a pie in the sky. For this reason, care should be take to verify the authenticity of BEFORE paying a cent. Read the policies of the site with caution, and all the fine print. Also notate the booking fee that the company wants to charge you. They often make a lot of money here, and the prices can get exorbitant.

All in all, Portugal is an attractive cruise destination due to reasonable prices, good food, and warm sun. Your Portuguese vacation is sure to be one you’ll remember for years to come, so don’t forget your camera for when you want to relive those memories.

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