Get Ready For Red Rock State Park

Red Stone

Red Rock State Park is located in Arizona of the United States, from where extremely close to Sedona along Oak Creek with stream which passes through a valley annually at a riparian habitat. Red Rock State Park used to be a portion of the pasture. In 1941, Jack Frye bought Smoke Trail Ranch, as a southwest retreat for his wife named Helen and himself. Helen Fry kept the possession for a lot of years until 1959 when Jack dead. She sold 130 hectares to a company with real estate development in the beginning of 1970s, and arranged to construct a resort. The deal was broken due to money shortage. The belongings were changed hands to Eckankar in 1976.

The dominant plants in the park are alligator juniper, velvet mesquite, Utah juniper and netleaf hackberry. The species of bird living in the district are wood duck, common black hawk and common merganser. In fact, Red Rock State Park is a portion of the Lower Oak Creek which has been declaimed as Important Bird Area. In addition to large mammals contains the coyote, collared peccary, cougar, mule deer and river otter. Tumbleweed, tamarisk, giant reed and Johnson grass are the vegetation of the state park.

Hiking is the major activities in Red Rock State Park. The 9 trails formed as a network with routes, most of them are situated on the Oak Creek’s south side. Every trail is signed with well mark and the trails maps are placed at each junction. Heavy rains happen occasionally and the most recent occurrence was in 2005. The towns which close to the state park with hotels are Sedona with nine miles and Cottonwood with 18 miles.

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