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Kodachrome Basin State Park, a state park, issituated in southern Utah above sea level over 5800 feet. It is essaying toaccess from the south by Road 400 and from the north by a paved road. Besides, distancefrom southeast of Bryce Canyon National Park is about 20 miles, can be reachedby SR-12 to Cannonville. Kodachrome Basin State Park is well known for chimneyrocks and 67 towering sand pipes with pink, white, gray, red and yellowsediment. The shifting daylight builds Kodachrome Basin State Park as aparadise by the photographers.
According to the evidences near the park, theNative Americans were the first to stroll on the region. About in the 19thcentury and the turn of the 20th century, herdsman from Henrieville andCannoville used the basin as a winter meadow. Kodachrome Basin State Park wasofficially established in 1962 and named Chimney Rock State Park for the firsttime, however with the permission of the Kadak Corporation. It changed the nameto Kodachrome Basin later on.
The most attraction at Kodachrome Basin StatePark is sand pipes. Ballerina Geyser, Chimney Rock and Shakespeare Arch arethree memorable formations. Visitors can be leaded to picturesque surroundingsby biking, hiking and riding on the trails. Different levels are recommended indifferent trails; Grand Parade is a one-mile trail for beginner and PanoramaTrail of 3 miles is for moderation. Hiker can reach the Cool Cave and Big Bearfrom Panorama as well. Kodachrome Campground is the start point for mountain bikersto ride 4 miles around the Panorama. In campground of Kodachrome Basin, thereprovides showers, a group pavilion, full-service cabins and tent and RV campingfor tourists. Also, dogs are allowed to wander on the grounds by leashed andnear the park entrance has a visitor center.
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