For That Special in Capitol Reef National Park

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Capitol Reef National Park is a United States National Park, which is situated in south-central Utah. It is about 160km long but quite narrow. Many colorful ridges, canyons, monoliths and buttes are being protected here. Waterpocket Fold is a layered rock over 121km which stretching from Thousand Lake Mountain in central Utah to Lake Powell in southern Utah, is conserved within the park. It is contained narrow canyons, arches, spires, multicolored cliffs, ridges and domes. Capitol Reef National Park is the second largest National Park in the United States. And, numbers of visitor are less than southern Utah is not only because of the remote geographical location, but also because of the none obvious central attractions.

The place which near the visitor center of Capitol Reef is the former Mormon colony of Fruita, was established in 1870s. The settlers left long time before, and the surrounding area has been designated as a national monument in 1937. Fruits are still not forbid to plant and they can be picked throughout the growing season with small fee.

The town named Torrey is nearby Capitol Reef. It is lying 8 miles west of the center for tourists on the Highway 24. Although Torrey is a small town, it has several restaurants and motels. A lenient campground is always filled by early afternoon during the active weekends in the summer. The park is including various items for visitors such as horseback riding, a driving trip and hiking. Travelers can ride the mountain bike on the trails outsides the park but not in the park, it is not allowed. Some of Mormon pioneers plant the orchards which are maintained by the Park Service and visitor can use small fee to taste different fruit which is harvested throughout the growing season in the park.

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