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Baracoa   Baracoa

Along with the developing society, people are getting more and more pressures from different places. So, it is time to have a rest during an amazing trip and trying some new ways to explore a deeper self. If you are fund of quiet, remote and friendly, Baracoa must be the best place for you. It is the first city of Cuba, which was founded by Diego Velazquez in 1512. Baracoa is a remotely city which is far away from the economic and political center of Cuba, named Havana and in 1070km.

It is gradually becoming a heaven due to the remoteness and it is even not on the map yet. It is one of the most beautiful and pleasant cities by its friendly atmosphere and laid-back. While you wandering on the picturesque roads, with murals garnishing the buildings, and softly-colored houses with red-tile roofs, you may fall in love with a feeling of this quaint Caribbean town. The warm ambience will be succumbed you and stop your leaving-steps to stay here forever. Baracoa is surrounded by the shaded and lovely Parque Independencia, where a hearsay said that Hatuey, the indigenous chief, was burned alive by Spanish conquistadors. You can experience the local life in Maceo Street and Marti Street, where contains lively bars and restaurants. Roast pork, snack, loud street music await you mingling with the resident for a night, from which the fascinating past of the town will be appeared front of your eyes. Apart from nightlife, unique Baracoan cuisine is recommended for you, which you have no chance to join in anywhere else except Cuba. On the other hand, tasting local food is one of the most popular items for traveling in Baracoa. Specialties contain dishes, tamales cooked in coconut oil and coconut milk, as well as teti and bacon.

Hoping you having a wonderful time in Baracoa!

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