For Fun and Profit in Lake Mead National Recreation Area

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Mead Lake is located on the Colorado plateau, the desert southwest basin and broad range of junction with beautiful scenery. It is the largest man-made lake and reservoir composed by the famous Hoover dam which blocks the water of the Colorado River. Mead Lake is named by Elwood Mead who was a member of the Bureau of Reclamation of the United States during 1924 to 1936. Lake Mead is a huge freshwater lake situated in the central desert. The climate changing and continuing drought makes the lake drying up and pushing it into desertification.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area built-in 1936, covers an area of 6055 square kilometers and stretching 386km (240 miles) along the Colorado River. It includes the Lake Mohave and part of Indian Territory, Hualapai. The area developed a variety of leisure activities which are boating, swimming, fishing, water skiing, sunbathing and so on. Meanwhile, these peculiar landscapes such as rocky cliffs of lake shore and sand, are the excellent paradise for adventure. In the center of lake, there have many middle and small islands, of which someone even created a small botanical garden.

Lake Mead deluged a large region of desert, covers much of the valley, a few small villages and many cultural relics of the ancient settlements at the same time. Now, it attracts thousands of tourists every year whom from southwest. They come for all the outdoor entertainment activities which are provided all around the whole year. Also, tourists can have a view for the fragile ecological environment from different perspectives while driving on the Nothshore Drive of the Mohave Desert. Stroll around the huge red stone of Redstones Trail, as you can see ground squirrels, lizards, scorpions and other desert creatures.

Visitors can alight in the hotels, Bullhead, which is close to Lake Mohave.

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