Flourishing Costa Del Cat Ba in Viernam

Cat Ba Island Cat Ba Island Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba, located in the east Hai Phong, a city in the north part of Vietnam, this island is a part of island chains in the area of Ha Lang Bay. This island covers an area of more than 200 square km, and thus becomes the largest one among those islands in Ha Long Bay. And the southern part is the main area for inhabitation. This island is full of natural beauty, and also has many options for cultural exchange, relaxation and adventure. And in April, 2005, this island was recognized officially by UNESCO as the Cat Ba Archipelago Biosphere.

This island is famous for its special terrain and leisure lifestyle, and there are a few fishing villages here. Cat Ba island was originally discovered by Hanoi residents, and now has become a popular tourist attraction for both local people and foreign tourists. In 1986, most parts of this island were declared as national parks, in order to protect its various kinds or wildlife and diverse ecosystems. In this island, you can have a view of the endangered golden-headed languor and rare primate animals. In addition, there are a lot of rugged limestone mountains, moist tropical forests, hot and cold springs, coral reefs, mangrove forest, deserted beaches, lakes, grottoes, and waterfalls. It was no long the fishing village of a decade ago, and has become a popular place at the Costa Del Cat Ba.

Since 2001, this island has witnessed a rapid development and a fast increase in tourism, and now it has a quite complete infrastructure. In this island, there are many hotels, ranging from budget hotels to luxury hotels, receiving over 350,000 tourists each year. Cat Ba Island has become a capital for adventure tourism in Vietnam, favored by foreign tourists and Vietnamese. Here you can enjoy hiking, kayaking, mountain bicycling, swimming, rock climbing and many other kinds of adventurous activities.

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