Five Wonderful Things Must Do In Netherlands


When people talking about Netherlands, most of us will remind tulip fields, Dutch girl in traditional dress and windmills, however, in addition to these traditional things, there are definitely 5 things visitors can do in this country.

The first thing is ice skating which is a national reaction in the winter. As the Dutch embrace sub-zero temperatures, when the Northern Province named Friesland stays cold enough, it is the time for skating on the frozen canals with many spectators and participants, locals call this pastime Elfstedentocht.

If you know ice skating, you may hear of The Silver Skates or Hans Brinker, which is a name of novel, wrote by Mary Mapes Dodge. This novel talked about a boy who lost his finger in order to save his country. And Netherlands have erected several statuses to honor this fictitious hero; it can be nicely for you to looking for the boy as your second things to do in Netherlands.

One of the most typical foods of Netherlands absolutely is Cheese. There even has a Cheese Museum in Prinsensgracht. If you habit cheese, Gouda may be your paradise where is a city produced the most famous cheese in the world.

The fourth thing to do in Netherlands is experiencing the great indoors. You are wrong if you think this country only has outside activities, there are also fulfill with indoor places to visit, of which from the world-class museum to tours of the Anne Frank House and Concertgebouw with classical museum concerts. For artist, Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum are the best destination obviously.

Last but not least is to see the tulips. The best time for catching the beautiful moment is head of spring in the village of Slootdorp where situated in North Netherlands. It is definitely suitable for family to go.

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