Five Best Things To Do in Auckland


Located on the Waitemata Harbour, Auckland, therefore, is also known as a “city of sails”. This cosmopolitan city has many wonderful things, such as world-class dining and hotels, diverse nightclubs and bars, excellent shopping, and so on. Also, there are a lot of attractions and activities, such as beautiful beaches and picturesque countryside.

Have fun on the Auckland Harbour
The beautiful Auckland Harbour is an important attraction in Auckland. There are many ways to explore the local waters and sea life, such as whale and dolphin watching, sailing adventures, cruising, fishing tours, etc.

Sky Tower
Sky Tower is boasted as the tallest tower in New Zealand, with a height of 328 meters. This tower enables tourists to view in all directions, and surely a must visit spot in Auckland. For those thrill seekers, Sky Tower is a perfect place for SkyWalk and SkyJump. This tower is a part of SKYCITY, which has a collection of cafes, restaurants, bars, the SKYCITY Casino and two hotels.

Walk around the Viaduct
In addition to dining in a world-class restaurant and visiting the Voyager Maritime Museum, taking a walk around the Viaduct is also very interesting, especially at night when the Viaduct is filled with sparkling lights, celestial music, and people. And in the daytime, the Viaduct is also quite busy with many private boats and cruises coming in and out of the marina.

Visiting Auckland Zoo
Covered an area of 17 hectares of parkland, the Auckland Zoo is quite close to the Auckland CBD. This zoo holds a large collection of both exotic and native animals in New Zealand. About 20 percent of habitat in this zoo is devoted to native plants and animals. Also, visitors can find many different environments in this zoo, like island, forest, wetland, coast, and so on, which are suited to different kinds of animals and plants. Many New Zealand’s unique endangered and rare animals and birds can be found here.

Exploring the Art Gallery
There are over 15,000 pieces of artworks exhibited in the Auckland Art Gallery. The artworks here include historic, contemporary, and modern art made by New Zealanders, such as Pacific Islanders and Maoris, as well as many international prints, sculptures, and paintings. Visitors can have a taste of local food in the Gallery Café.

Visitors can find all levels of hotels in Auckland, ranging from affordable hotels to luxury ones.

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