Feel the Unique Atmosphere of Faroe Islands

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Located between Iceland and Scotland, the fascinating Faroes Island is just a short flight from the mainland of UK, but it is usually not on travelers’ table. Beat by the large waves of north Atlantic, 18 islands make up this self-governing area of Denmark.

And the natural scenery of this mysterious island seems a scene in the movie The Lord of the Rings — jagged mountains, sheer cliffs, deep blue water, continuous wind and the dark clouds — not so lovely but very special.

Cottages and grass-roofed wooden churches spread all over this treeless moorlands.

Cairn-marked footpaths go through the continuous mountains. Sounds out-dated to you? Actually there are plenty of museums, art galleries and restaurants on the islands, making them a good place for an easeful vacation.

The hotels on the islands are built in the 1970s, featuring traditional wooden houses with wooden furniture and a grass-covered roof. You can take a good view of the Atlantic’s deep blue water and the gray sky there.

However, the bumpy footpaths, wild scenery and the unique etesian climate make this place a paradise for climbers and adventurers. But do be prepared for the unpredictable weather — always changing from wet to sunny.

If you are interested in its natural scenery, we recommend you a fly by helicopter or a sail by boat, which can give you a panorama of the island. And you have a chance to see the whales near the cliff(also on the menu of the local restaurants)

What’s else, few communities this small are so alive with art and the Faroes’ incredibly smart music scene is always surprising. Thus, in spite of the fickle weather, this confident island is always ready to surprise and please tourists from every corner of the world.

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