Famous Places to Visit in Dubai

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Dubai, as a wealthy and modern city, has become one of the most popular tourist destinations all around the world. Whenever you go to this city, you always can get a relaxing, unique and extraordinary experience. There are a lot of attractions in Dubai, and following is a brief introduction of some of these attractions.

The Burj Khalifa
The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building throughout the world and everyone knows it. Its height is about 83,000 meters. In this majestic building, there is a mall and several luxury hotels. The view on the top of it is certainly very unusual and extraordinary.

The Dubai Mall
This is the mall inside the Burj Khalifa and also is the largest mall in the world, consisting of 1,200 shops in it. In addition to the dining places and shops, there is a beautiful aquarium in this mall.

The Dubai Desert Safari
When travelling in Dubai, this experience is a must. You can travel on the back of a camel, and also in this tour you can learn traditional belly dancing.

The Dubai Museum
This museum is situated in Al Fahidi Fort, the central part of this city. In this museum, a lot of historic things are exhibited, including weapons, maps, musical instruments and so on. So it is also a must visit spot in Dubai.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque
This mosque is the largest one in the world. It is quite mesmerizing, interesting, and many parts are open to tourists. But if you really want to get in and visit this mosque, you have to dress properly, observe etiquettes, and follow some regulations and rules.

Fujairah Fort
Established in 1670s, Fujairah Fort has become one of those popular attractions in Dubai. This fort was used originally for defense purposes and has been renovated once after a bomb attack.

The Palm Islands
The Palm Islands composes of three separated islands, that is, the Palm Diera, the Palm Jumeirah, and the Palm Jebel Ali. They are the largest manmade islands throughout the world. On the islands, there is luxury accommodation, water parks, shopping malls, health spas and so on.

As a manmade marvel, and with its spectacular natural beauty, Dubai attracts numerous tourists here every year. And tourists will surely be deeply impressed by its beauty, and travelling Dubai will be an unforgettable memory during one’s lifetime.

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