Exporing Dubai Shopping Festival

shopping festival

Dubai is a world of wonders. The luxury hotels and beautil landscape can alredy attract millions of tourists to come and visit here. For most of the girls, they are crazy about shopping. They can trying and exploring for a new dress without stop for a whole day. So for all the people who love to go shoping should go with me. In Dubai, there is a Shopping Festival. One of the most miraculous things in Dubai is the Dubai mall which is the biggest on earth. And the festival is a great fun for exploration. When shopping there, you would feel like you are in the heaven. This period of the year is the happiest time of Dubai.
In the year 1996, to be more exact is the  15th day of February in 1996, the govermnet started the festival to encourage the retail trade there. And it will last for one month, most of the time it is in January or February. During the events, more than three million people will take part in it. And today, i would like to introduce you five of the most exciting things that you may do during the festival period.
The first one that come into my mind is the Deep Discounts, which is the essential factor that one will concern when they are on their shopping. Most of the items will get a discount during the festival, which means you can get your favorite stuffs within your budget price. And this is also the most attractive part for me.
Another good part of the festival is the Fashion Shows. During the festival, the organizers will exhibit the amazing international fashion show. I bet this fashion will never let you down for the clothes that are putted on the show will represent the top rank of the world.

Another part of the exciting is ths festival is at the same period of the Film Festival. So if you already planed for a journey at the shopping festival, why not take the film festival at the same time. During the film festival, many film stars will participate the festival. You may encounter your favrite star when you are taking that festival.
The next one that i want to introduce is called Daily Car Raffles, which is a show of the most splendid cars in the world.
And in the end, Dubai will also host novel event which is called The Global Village each year.

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