Exploring Rogers Centre


Rogers Centre is called Toronto’s SkyDome and also considered as “the concrete convertible”. It is the first large size stadium to have a retractable roof. This is a great idea that it is so suitable for Toronto climate. It can keep the inside stadium warm and dry when the weather is raining and open when the weather is nice outside. Actually, most visitors have a perfect view of the CN Tower that towers are over the stadium when the roof is open. For fans, that is so nice because there is never rain and snow for their baseball games. After its current corporate sponsor, it renamed Rogers Center. Although it changed name, the Sky Dome will never be changed to Torontonians. It is considered a part of the Toronto skyline. It is located near Lake Ontario and the CN Tower.

There are below some detail about Rogers Centre maybe you will interest.
The moving rate of the roof is 21 meters every minute and the roof takes twenty minutes to open or close. After the roof opened completely, the whole field and 91% of seats won’t be covered. Also, Rogers Centre is the only one center in the world that it will be washed all 37,000 seats and all the area after every event. It needs fourteen people to wash it about eight hours. With the roof closed, a thirty-storey building could fit inside.
In addition, there are many kinds of events held here like concerts, trade shows and sporting event. Roundhouse Park which is located just outside gate five is a great venue for a variety of pre-game events, including picnics, barbecues and concerts.

Address: There are different ways you can choose to get there like driving and taking the subway. Rogers Centre’s address is 1 Blue Jays Way, Toronto, ON M5V 1J1, Canada.

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